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The Endocannabinoid System: Module 1 of the Asia Pacific Medical Cannabis Course

Module 1 of the Asia Pacific Cannabis Course - An Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System
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Regulating Cannabis: Towards a Unified Market – The book and lecture series Dr Todd Subritzky, PhD

This evidence-based book and lecture series is the result of over 5 years in-depth study of cannabis policy implementation in North America.
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4th Dimension Wellness: Series 1 – Cannabis

A fascinating examination of cannabis and wellness in practice and in theory

Cannabis and Youth Protection

Arguments both for and against the legalization of cannabis often include the issue of youth protection. At the time of writing 5-years after the implementation of the Coloradan recreational cannabis market (CRCM), no statistically significant increase in consumption had been identified. This paper aimed to provide a thick descriptive account of youth prevention objectives stipulated in the pre-implementation phase of the CRCM and compare these with the real-world experience of regulators and other stakeholders involved with market implementation.

Dynamic Financial Modeling and Business Plans for Cannabis Startups

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This course clearly demonstrates authority in the field of international drug policy and draws predominantly on the latest evidence in doing so. It is a substantial contribution to an emerging policy issue with a plethora of new knowledge displayed throughout.​
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Overall, I found this to be a vital addition to the canon of knowledge regarding cannabis
policy change

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The author has broadened the understanding of cannabis regulation when it comes to conflicts between consumer protection, private profit, and public health. He has successfully applied and enriched several theoretical concepts in the context of cannabis legalization.

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